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The last of Drake Davis?


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If true, this could be the end of line for him as an LSU football player.  Needs to get his life together.


LSU receiver Drake Davis was arrested again Saturday (Sept. 15) on two counts of battery on a dating partner. This comes less than a month after an Aug. 17 arrest for attacking the same victim. 

The arrest report said the victim told LSU Police that Davis attacked her Aug. 26 during an argument, pushing her into the couch and cutting and bruising her lower leg. 

The victim also woke up Saturday with a black eye after being with Davis as late as 2 a.m. She said she did not how she got the black eye, but another witness provided photos to police and said Davis hit the victim. 

The witness said the victim told her Davis slapped her during an argument.


Davis was ordered to a 10 p.m. curfew and to have no contact with the victim by judge Don Johnson after the Aug. 17 arrest, so being out at 2 a.m. and with the victim would also have broken his curfew and no-contact order. "


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Holy Hell!

He needs to be as far away from this team as possible. If found guilty of these chages, jail would be a good place.

Suspended LSU wide receiver Drake Davis is now facing additional counts of child pornography — the latest in a growing list of accusations against the athlete who already is being held without bail after two arrests in recent weeks for allegedly beating his girlfriend. 

East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore III said the child porn counts were added Tuesday after authorities issued an arrest warrant that states investigators found child pornography on Davis' cell phone, which they were searching as part of the ongoing domestic abuse investigation. 

LSU police obtained a search warrant for Davis' phone on Tuesday, according to the warrant. While searching the phone they found two videos that investigators concluded were child porn.

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59 minutes ago, Fishhead said:

 Lester Earl... the gift that keeps on giving

And to his credit, Daddy Dale forgave him:

Brown, who received a copy of Earl’s letter, issued a brief statement to the Advocate.

“The most interesting journey that a person can make is discovering himself,” Brown told the Advocate. “I believe Lester has done that, and I forgive him.”



Hope Lester's son discovers himself at some point.  But yeah, its time to move on.

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Regarding Lester Earl, I think if Coach Brown forgave him then we should too. I've gotten to know Coach Brown just a little bit over the years via snail mail, e-mail, and a few other exchanges. He's a tough man, but he's very forgiving as well. Never holds a grudge.

As for Drake Davis - good riddance. LSU doesn't need this kind of negative association or negative press. Too bad a similar mindset didn't exist with our coaching staff when that incident with Jefferson at Shady's took place.

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